Coralcone Midi Cone - 25mls

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If you have an average-to-high cervix height with a heavier flow, the midi is for you.

Our midi size holds a whopping fluid equivalent of 2 super plus tampons without leaving your fanny feeling fatigued. Perhaps you have an average-to-high cervix height or your Hoo-ha has seen the birth of a human, the midi cone is the one for you.

Made with 100% ultra-premium super soft medical-grade silicone with matte finish - the Coralcone is the luxury your lady part's deserve.

Our unique ribbon was designed with our high cervix height menstruators in mind. It moves in flow with your body, and you’ll appreciate that extra length when you just can’t see a damn thing down there!

For our shorter cervix height menstruators - try the Coralcone on it’s own, sans ribbon. The cup itself has just the right amount of grip, edges and dimples to make insertion and removal a breeze.

With or without the ribbon, there’s no need to take scissors to these bad gals, Experiment over a couple cycles to find out what is most comfortable for you. 

Your package includes the Coralcone with its detachable silicone ribbon, and the handy reusable snap pouch to protect it when on the go or not in use.

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