Welcome to Chapman store we are a locally owned Dunedin boutique store.
The owners and directors are Tim and Amy Chapman.
Amy has been in the Dunedin fashion industry since the ripe age of 17 when she started working for Slick Willys as assistant manager.
In 2005 Amy purchased Slick Willy's and continued to run it until early 2020 when she sold Slick's to a nice local family and re branded her 2nd store as "Chapman"
Chapman sells womens clothing brands mostly NZ made and or designed with a few Australian and international brands in the mix.
Tim Chapman runs everything in the background including the webstore and is our on site "handy man".
They have a wonderful team of girls instore so please pop in and if you have any questions or queries, get in touch using our online form below.
You can also contact us directly at 03 972 7920 

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