Welcome to Oosterom, an Auckland-based made-to-order clothing label that celebrates the artistry of designer Nicole Hadfield and pays homage to her talented grandmother, Pietje van Oosterom. Graduating from Whitecliffe in 2014, Nicole embarked on a remarkable journey, refining her expertise in garment construction and impeccable fit as the In-house Designer for the esteemed menswear label, FRENCH83. 


In 2016, Nicole embraced a new direction, becoming the Production Manager for Ingrid Starnes. This experience allowed her to streamline her creative process, establish valuable connections within the local supply chain, and nurture her passion for pattern-making and fashion.


In 2020, Nicole faced unexpected career shifts and ventured into the captivating realm of the screen industry as a skilled machinist for an upcoming Netflix series. Collaborating with an experienced team, she mastered her craft, elevating her construction skills to create extraordinary looks for lead roles. This deepened Nicole's adoration for her artistry and reinforced her unwavering commitment to her craft. 


Inspired by Nicole's passion and expertise, Oosterom was launched in 2021 as a made-to-order clothing label. From her home studio, Nicole designs and produces custom-made garments that bring smiles to ecstatic brides and inspirational businesswomen, including fellow entrepreneur Chloe Swarbrick. Oosterom aims to become a wardrobe staple, driven by a vision to create considered clothing that treads lightly on the planet. Each piece is meticulously crafted with a focus on construction and fit, ensuring they are cherished and worn with exuberant confidence. Oosterom is committed to meeting the needs of its clients while being mindful of the environmental impact, striving to make a positive difference in the world of fashion.

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