Mr Mittens

The story of Mr Mittens is one for all ages. The Belgian-Australian premium knitwear brand, was born out of not one but two chance encounters. First, Antwerp-born Stéphanie Caulier, the founder and creative director, meets the man who is to become the love of her life and follows him halfway across the globe to Australia. Happily settled in Perth but restless for a new endeavour, Caulier stumbles upon a knitting café whilst visiting New York in 2007. This chance encounter brings backs childhood memories of her love for knitting, a cherished family pastime when growing up. Back home in Australia, the idea of an own knitwear label starts to take shape in her mind.

Without any formal training but an avid knitter from an early age, Stéphanie Caulier embarks upon the challenge of designing a limited series of unique hand-knitted garments and accessories in 100% wool. Caulier’s first offering of chunky knits stands out from prevalent trends because of its innovative use of the reverse purl stitch, a technique that is now, over ten years later, and Mr Mittens signature.

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